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Fruits And Vegetables Can Increase Longevity

  Researchers have said eating loads of fruits and vegetables-10 portions a day may prolong longevity. A study by Imperial College London, calculated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year. The researchers in their 95 separate studies, involving two million people’s eating habits says, lower risks of cancer is linked to eating green vegetables(spinach), yellow ¬†vegetables(peppers), and cruciferous vegetables(cauliflower). Dr Dagfinn Aune, one of the researchers, said: “Fruit and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and to boost the health of ourRead More

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Boiling Rice In Excess Water Flushes Out Chemicals

You may not think there’s anything wrong with how you cook rice – but there probably is. If you’re not using enough water then you’re at risk of heart disease and cancer, a scientist has warned. Cooking the grains in excess water helps to flush out arsenic, preventing any possible chemical poisoning. While soaking rice overnight slashes levels of the industrial toxin by around 80 per cent, a contamination expert claims. ¬†Cooking rice in excess water flushes out arsenic – which has been linked to a range of health problems,Read More

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Benefits Of Taking African Star Apple(Agbalumo)

  African Star Apple is a popular seasonal fruit in Nigeria. It is loved by many Nigerians especially among the school children. the botanical name is Chrysophyllum albidum. Among the Yorubas in the South-West of Nigeria, it is usually called ”Agbalumo,” while in Igbo language it is called ”Udara.” African Star Apple is commonly seen between January and April in Nigeria. Some people believed it is usually sweeter when consumed after the rainy season has started. Benefits Of African Star Apple 1. Low Calorie Fruit African Star Apple is veryRead More

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Six Steps To Staying Healthy

  1.EAT DIET RICH IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES There is no substitute for vitamins and minerals in food and you will give your body what it needs only if you are conscious of eating healthy, unprocessed, non-junk food. Fruits and vegetables provide necessary substances called photo-chemical which you can get from nutritional supplements. They lower cholesterol, flush out carcinogens, boost the immune system, and reduce aging. 2. EXERCISE YOUR BODY REGULARLY Daily exercise of the body will get your blood flowing and stimulates oxygen flow to feed the skin. TheRead More

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