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How We Were Kidnapped And Forcefully Initiated-OOU Student

The menace of cultism is a major challenge confronting most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Many promising Nigerian students have been cut  down in their prime as a result of  cult-related activities. Cultism cut across all the tertiary institutions-whether University, Polytechnic or College of Education. For some institutions  and students  that have witnessed the horrors of cultism, their experiences are tales of blood,pains and agony.

In this report,a 200 level students of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Aiyetoro campus,Ogun State who pleaded anonymity spoke to our reporter on how he was kidnapped with two friends and forcefully initiated into Black Axe.

”I got admitted into OOU Aiyetoro campus last year, and after few weeks of arriving in school, different guys were coming to me and my friends trying to persuade us to join their cult group. But whenever they come around us, we normally give them money so that they can just go and leave us alone.”

How we were kidnapped

”But on Thursday 17th November 2016, myself and two of my friends had nothing to eat because we had no money. We intended to go out to the bank and withdraw money from ATM but as we were preparing to go, a bus(18 seater) just came behind us around 9pm and some persons forcefully bundled the three of us into the bus. We met some persons that were also picked alongside with us. I was picked with two of my friends. One wasn’t a student of OOU he only came to see us.”

He continued: ” From our house were we were picked around 9pm, we were taken to Lafenwa in Abeokuta and we got there around 10:30pm. Immediately we got to the place, they ordered us to lie face down and stretch our hands forward. I sensed the place was a railway track. We were not allowed to look up but I touched the ground and observed that it was a railway track. The people that kidnapped us started beating us and trampling on us. Before long, some other persons joined them. One of them shot into the air and promised to kill anyone who try to escape.

Later, they ordered us to stand up and start uprooting grasses that night after we had been badly beaten with fan belt, ‘koboko,’and sticks. They were about 70 in number. They stopped us again and  started beating us heavily. In the process, one of us that were being beaten started excreting on the body as he couldn’t bear the torture again.

The back of the student, showing the marks from the beating

The back of the student, showing the marks from the beating

The Back of the Student with marks

The Back of the Student with marks


img-20161205-wa0013People that were initiated

Different categories of people were initiated.  Some were secondary school students-JSS3 and SS3. Some other persons were students of OOU, and some were indigenes. They said beating us will make us stronger to deal with other rival cult group. Their leader told us to stand up, Six of them stood in opposite direction facing each other with canes in their hand. Some of them wore police uniform. They told us to crawl in between these six persons as they will beat us while we crawl. It was horrible. You must not touch your back or scream. They beat us badly.

Thereafter, they cut our thumb with blade and gave us kola to eat. After doing this, they laid axe on us and gave us names.  We were later allowed to go around 6am on Friday the next morning.” He recounted.

This is one out of so many incidents that usually happen in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Sometimes lives of innocent students are lost while being beaten and forcefully initiated.

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